myB2B service

MyB2B is a web platform designed to support firms and companies, to help them in buying and selling processes.

As Business-to-Business service only companies and professionals can use it.

It’s a great opportunity for production and marketing companies, especially for small and medium-small sized. It’s an impressive tool for operators, as they can receive customized offers from a wide audience of suppliers.

The key benefits of this platform are:

For Operators:

  • significant time savings over the process of products search and acquisition
  • possibility of a substantial widening of suppliers choice, and the ability to compare products offered throughout the country, with the ability to issue bid requests.

For Suppliers:

    • dramatic reduction of trade costs and time optimization of sales, due to direct contact with customers.
  • an excellent opportunity to enhance the company, even if small in size, with the ability to compete and have a direct comparison with the reference market.
  • an opportunity to propose their products nationwide, renewing and improving sales processes.

Access is granted after a registration.

For costs and terms of payment, please click here.


Last requests:

  • request for thyme plants in ∅ 14 pot